About us

Learn more about the unique Mint Fast Fresh Food, Ruby & Ava Desserts and the head chef – Renella Chow.

Since 2012

The History of Mint

Brick and Mortar Store

Mint existed as a hole-in-the-wall takeaway shop in Elizabeth Street Mall from 2012-2018.

Ruby & ava

Founded in 2012 as a wholesale macaron supplier. Known then as Macarons by Ruby and later renamed.

Mint Food Van

From 2022, Mint is taking the bricks and mortar to the streets of Greater Hobart with sweet & savoury street food and flexible mobile catering.

Classes, Dumplings and Beyond

The next part of the Mint journey is offering cooking classes (dumplings and sweets) to help you enjoy experimenting and discovering different techniques. 

Meet The Chef

Renella Chow

I was born and  raised in a small town called Choma in Zambia. I started cooking from an early age and have always loved it. My dad was an amazing cook and he inspired me to cook with all the delicious dishes he would prepare for the family. 

I am a self-taught cook with a passion for food. When I am not cooking or working in the food truck you will find me in an office as a Chartered Accountant.